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Silverlight: Access template control programmatically

If you are working on a Silverlight application, it's very imperative that you will end up wanting to assess a control from a design template.

Let's say I have a template where a CheckBox control is defined and if I want to access this control in my code behind, there is no direct way to do it.

... <ControlTemplate ..> <Grid>... <CheckBox x:Name="chkAll" .../> </Grid> </ControlTemplate /> ...
The following method will recursively look for this control hiding anywhere in the control template against its name and return it when found.

  private object GetChildControl( DependencyObject parent, string  name)
       Object  control = null ;
       int  count = VisualTreeHelper.GetChildrenCount(parent);
       for  (int  counter = 0; counter < count; counter++)
           control = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(parent, counter);
           //name supplied then Return Control if the control name matches  
           if  ((control as  DependencyObject).GetValue(NameProperty).ToString() == name)
               return  control;
           else  //Search Recursively if not found
               control = GetChildControl(control as  DependencyObject, name);
               if  (control != null )
                         return  control;
             return  null ;

You can get the reference of the control searching against its name.
CheckBox checkBox = (CheckBox)GetChildControl(this,"chkAll");